An owner and a vision

Gustavo Pisani
2 min readDec 6, 2021

Now you see it

Heralding of a new era

As a continuation of an agile workstream mentioned in my previous entry it is time to report on a couple of items put behind on this iteration. A role and a vision

Category Owner — A new role in the making

Vision — To inspire teams

A Category Owner will look after product owners and their user stories as they relate to a given category under this new role. Unlike epic owners — responsible for user stories of a higher relevance or impact to the business — keeps the value flowing in excess and beyond the life cycle of an epic and goes along the life cycle of the category. The temptation to match it with the Category Manager is resolved with the agile level of adoption in your organization, the more agile your organization is the less of a need to insist with the hierarchical organization on a business agility context.

As for the vision or how the business will look like — in this case Supply Chain — is the best opportunity to peek into a future where you want to be along with your team following that inspiration. Aim high again and keep reading.

This is the Supply Chain we need to have in the future, so bear with me.

A people centered Supply Chain creating top user experiences, running on omni platforms combining reality and virtuality alike by processes on a prescribed base capacity and continuous learning models anticipating consumer preferences, while creating categories to provide for demands from an increasingly diverse society.

As we keep going over next iterations, we will do it under this guideline and role, and can’t think of a better way to channel the energy, excitement, and engagement in a truly agile team.

So please consider it as a gift to inspire your digital transformation, so you can share accordingly during this season and next year.

Until next iteration,

Gustavo Pisani

December, 5, 2021



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