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Gustavo Pisani
2 min readNov 22, 2021


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Ready when you are

The need to professionalize content creation gave me the opportunity to decide how to optimize my writing process and with no hesitation jumped to go agile!

Granted it all started with one team member, but headcount has already increased by a 100% with another participant who will join me immediately and for next sprints will share the joy and excitement to innovate this activity by applying digital methodology.

In coming articles — as a product owner — will share features and a road map to sustain vision and contain risks. The benefits can be seen right away from the workflow up as I plan to build a content pipeline based on Medium -> Linkedin -> Confluence integration.

Jira will be the agile management tool and as I migrate from ADO (Azure DevOps) have found no issues with the offering under free trial. As any similar solution you can go tool agnostic and concentrate on features and functionality to concentrate on your value stream — writing appealing content in my case.

After the first sprint have to say that 16 items were worked and as of today — starting second sprint — have in front of me a backlog list — which I own — and have all my attention and energy to progress at digital speed.

This is not the first blog, nor content for that purpose, that I have generated, but have to say that doing it in agile terms is optimizing, energizing, and pushing me through new heights.

Stay tuned — subscribed — for additional details to stay up to date with this editorial project in agile to close the year and start next one in a totally different level of engagement, innovation, and product management. Share at will.

See you in the road map!

Questions how to set up your content - reports, thesis, fiction, else - pipeline? Don’t hesitate and write me an email to with CP in the subject for automation purposes.

Gustavo Pisani

Richmond, November 22, 2021



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