What’s in a vision

Gustavo Pisani
2 min readNov 15, 2021


We know what we are. but know not what we may be.

Where I have my head?

The complexity of current widespread problems, from global warming to disruption in supply along with the emergence of abstract offerings to transform the way we live and work from omniverse to other digital initiatives, is not making it easy to manage expectations much less solutions. In this environment if you want to inspire your team, take a vision, and share it. Let me share one of my own as an example of what I am talking about.

A supply chain with no disruption and error free capable to delight in anticipation a diverse consumer who will advocate for the value received while increasing loyalty over time.

As inspiring as this declaration is we need to translate it to more operational terms, so next iteration of the user story will unveil what acceptance criteria this vision is all about, so let’s continue building on the example with a new role added to manage value and risk, the product owner.

As a supply chain product owner, I need to service clients at top level and no returns by knowing preferences and change in trends to keep their preference. As user acceptance criteria goes it translates to a >99% reliability service with enough redundance to avoid interruptions and a 3σ — 3 sigma — or 99.7% conformity rate (no errors) with a predictive correlation with a trend to 1 — exact correlation between observation and forecasting — and a positive sentiment in social platforms — a lot of likes and smileys.

The input starting at the highest level and unfolded to specific requirements will allow to increase the flow, avoid roadblocks, and maximize alignment of those responsible to deliver the product — in this case a supply chain. A lean agile team will work in scrums to increase the value, manage risk, and increase the business agility in general along a road map with features to be added.

Visions share ambition to improve and differentiate, to leave a mark, and improve our space, they build on values and purposes which is why exultation shall surface in audiences receiving it. Let me share another vision,

A company with utmost respect to environment, and people, capable to transform resources to relevant solutions in a way that will positively impact generations to come.

If digital transformation is driving you crazy, why not start with Ophelia who in the middle of her drama understands the uncertainties of the future in one of the best lines of Shakespeare “We know what we are. but know not what we may be”

Just aim high.

Gustavo Pisani

Richmond, Texas

November 14, 2021



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