Who will run the Digital Supply Chain Twin?

Gustavo Pisani
3 min readSep 20, 2021


The future is here

Now that the Digital Supply Chain is here we need to know how to run it, something we envisioned in our previous post after the release of the Digital Supply Chain Platform by Google as of last week and the gradual adoption with all expected consequences in hiring, selling and managing it. Let us get ready ahead of the pack!

How to manage a digital solution

If you are in a lean and agile environment the question may have been already answered — Product Owners are responsible for the vision, road map and agile team backlog of their portfolio. But if you are in the middle of the transition from legacy to agile framework it may require following some instructions to tailor a solution that fits you, but do you remember last time your customized solution shrank after the first rain? Or how to deal with alterations with your changing requirements?

Organizations following a hierarchical approach are intended to provide a much-needed stability while business agility provides top customer centric user experiences based on quicker answers to the demands of a changing consumer.

This hybrid solution may have an agile team with a backlog of user stories dealing with demands coming from a digital solution along a conventional leadership team for strategic direction. If you need to hire the first resource for this opening, the first job description template is out looking for the best candidate in the market. Go for it.

Digital Supply Chain Manager/Product Owner

Successful candidates will have demonstrated experience designing and deploying solutions across the end-to-end digital supply chain twin.

Areas of expertise

· Digital Planning: demand planning per AI prediction/prescription forecast

· Category Management & Procurement: eCommerce and digital market solutions

· Digital Supply Chain Strategy: project, design, manufacturing & distribution network

· Manufacturing: CAD/CAM, IoT hub, Product Lifecycle Management

· Virtual Inventory Management & Order Fulfillment: auto warehouse operations

· eLogistics & Transportation: Integration with 5PL


· Sharing and advocating a digital supply chain twin vision

· Developing a Road map of new features and backlog

· Owning a digital supply chain twin with a top customer centric orientation

· Leading as a servant leader the agile teams supporting the digital supply chain twin


· >20 Years in Lean/Agile framework as a servant leader, agile team member or scrum coach.

· >20 Years in digital supply chain design, planning, category management, procurement, materials management, logistics functions.

· >10 Years in value stream mapping and optimizing.

· >5 Years in digital strategies, epics, user stories and road maps.

· >5 Years in digital twins, IoT, Virtual, AR, XR exposure.

· Familiar with digital twin trends and state of the art.

· Innovator in nature, curious by dedication, problem solver by survival.

Now let us wait for the response to the job description adjusted for your industry or segment, and once there it will be a matter to keep up with a new field where everybody is learning from the same starting point and only those who dare to ask the right questions will be better poised to get there first.

What will be the next role to fill in this digital world of ours?

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Digital Supply Chain Management



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